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Welcome to the Self-Development section. This part of the website is still under construction and we will be adding articles shortly. Please make use of the information and links below.

Visit the Resource Section or Recommended Books below.


You may find the following websites useful in your self-development journey. While we have provided a comprehensive list, we recognise it is not always complete. If you have any recommendations please let us know by getting in touch.

Find out about the six principles of CPD, what CPD is, planning your CPD, carrying our your CPD, evaluating and recording impact and the role of the GMC in your CPD.

James Clear is the best selling author of Atomic Habits. His blog covers topics such as happiness, productivity and habits. Learn science-based ways to solve practical problems.

SkillsYouNeed is a free web-service which provides high quality education resources for personal, interpersonal, leadership, learning and presentation skills.

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 130000 courses and 35 million students. Their courses are frequently discounted and will rarely cost more than £15.

Coursera partners with more than 200 leading universities and companies to bring flexible online learning to individuals. You can audit their courses for free or pay to recieve a certificate.

Skillshare is a subscription platform with thousands of classes for creative and curious people. Topics include illustration, design, photography, leadership, entrepreneurship and more.

MasterClass is a subscription platform which offers online classes created for students of all skill levels. Their lessons are delivered by world famous instructors from across the world.

Businessballs is a free ethical learning and development resource for people and organizations. They provide articles and resources covering a broad spectrum of topics.

HBR is a general management magazine and is a leading destination for the latest thinking in management and leadership. View their vast list of topics here.

Mind Tools is a paid for online resource which aims to help you learn the essential management, leadership, and personal effectiveness skills for a successful career.

The Mezzofanti Guild is an online blog which provides advice for language learning. Visit this site to find out strategies for simpler language learning and recommended resources.

Visit italki for a language learning marketplace that connects students with the most dedicated teachers around the world for 1-on-1 online language lessons.

Fluent in 3 Months is about finding the quickest route to speaking a new language. This blog shows how to become fluent in a new language in just a few months before you travel.

Recommended Books

You may find the following books useful in your self-development journey. We recommend using as it supports independent bookshops and increases author royalties.

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