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Product Launch

When you create a new product or service, you want it to reach your customers with a bang. They should be excited and eagerly awaiting its release, and with a bit of luck, they will purchase your offering. Look at Hollywood and how they build suspense for their movies. Everyone is talking about the movie long before it is released in cinemas. That is true excitement! This article explores the methods you can use to launch your latest offering and maximise its impact.

It’s All About Regular Communication

There isn’t much more to say really. You need to communicate with your prospective and existing customers. Your dual aim is to convert as many prospects into customers and maintain your current relationship with previous customers.

Plan the launch carefully in advance and work out how you will reveal your offering through a series of messages. Tell the story you want your customers to hear and build excitement towards the launch. Remember to be reliable and stick to your word. If you specify a release date or duration of offer, you must absolutely stick to this. Failure to do so will erode trust in your brand. You also need to create a sense of urgency. Make people want to view your offering now!

Once you have launched your offering, remain accessible and deal with all the inevitable technical glitches. You should find that offline events will also increase your web traffic so ensure your website is up to date. Following your launch, people are going to be paying attention to you. Use this to offer them something that can help them even more!

The Steps to Launch

There are eight distinct phases to a launch campaign. If you follow these steps closely, you will be sure to reach a wider audience and have a higher rate of customer purchases.

1. A Whisper

Mention that something new is coming, but don’t give away any of the details. Use this heads-up to build anticipation.

2. An Explanation

Explain why customers should care about this latest release and why it is a game changer.

3. The Plan

Describe the details for the launch; when, where, how it will work and what people need to know.

4. Ready, Steady

The day before, release some last-minute reminders and details for the launch. Convert the anticipation into decision.

5. Go!

It is here, and we are ready to go. This is a short communication. Provide a link to the action point.

6. It's Going

While live, send an email to update about how it is going. Share happy stories and fix any problems identified.

7. Gentlre Reminder

Time is running out. Make sure you make the most of the offer. Instil some urgency.

8. Close

Inform them the offer is over and the opportunity passed. Offer thanks to those who have helped and purchased.

A Few Pointers

Make sure that your product has a good value proposition for your customers. It should be something they will want to buy!

Prior to the launch, check that the processes for purchasing your product are working, proof-read any emails you will send out and create any custom adverts as needed. Create a back-up plan for incoming money and let your bank know that you are about to receive a load of sales.

The day of launch, make sure you release the offering just before the deadline. This way you can ensure everything is working. Check with the first few purchases that the process went smoothly. Ask your new customers to spread the word.

Finally, remember to follow up with thank you messages and outline any additional content you might offer them.


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